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A trendy jewelry subscription box that you can afford to have

The use of a jewelry subscription box is to widen your collection or you want to feel the excitement during a surprise. You will get new items for you to enjoy and wear every month. There are different kinds of services that jewelry has that you will rent and return once you’re done. The jewelry boxes let you choose which items you want to have or choose your preferred jewelry that you want to wear.

But you must not forget that these surprise boxes are fun to widen your collection of nikola valenti and try something new. You can look for other jewelry subscription boxes that can manage your needs.

Glamour Jewelry

The jewelry items from the nikola valenti Glamour Jewelry let you keep and pick items that are silver or gold plated with mixed tones. Many people use this because it is affordable and trendy which makes it a top choice. Compared to other jewelry rental subscriptions it lets you keep all the items that you get from them. Although when the jewelry does not meet your qualifications you can return them as they have a 30-day return policy.

The users have the freedom to choose which one they like. It is the whole context of customization but it has certain items that are included in the box. You can get jewelry items that are from the selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings but the rings are not included in the selection.


It is a kind of jewelry subscription that lets you use designer jewelry when you have a special event. You can look up to their collection and you will see that expensive jewelry that is from Christian Dior, Hermes, Gucci, and more. You can search for the type of event that you want to use the accessories for such as festivals or weddings. It is offering you three plans where you can borrow any kind of jewelry. For $40 a month, two pieces for $70, and three pieces for $90 per month.

It is all worth it because there are no classifications to any jewelry items. The members at any level can use the item despite the value or designer of the jewelry. Compared to other jewelry subscriptions you can cancel it anytime. But when you rent using this you are paying it every month. You have to use it wisely to buy the jewelry items that you want.


They are offering you a jewelry service that lets you borrow necklaces, rings, purses, and watches. You can easily search for an item that you want to use. You can keep them as long as you like before returning it back for your next item to use. It is a jewelry subscription that lets you use diamonds and coveted pieces of jewelry.

The Vivrelle has a monthly membership but you have to join for at least three months of membership. It makes it appropriate as a rental service when you want to wear that high-end jewelry rather than using them for events.


It is the top choice as subscribers are getting new jewelry items every month. When you want everything to be fast-paced this is the one to increase and explore new looks. They are also concerned about your style. You have to fill up the questionnaire once you subscribe or update your account. The questions are all about your earring style, the color of your choice, and how you can use the accessories at the time of the day. You can have this for a $20 subscription to spice everything up.

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