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Allegations of Misbehavior against Abiola Oke 

Recently, Abiola as the publisher and the CEO of OkayPlayer and even OkayAfrica, was made to step down from his position. However, all things got disrupted when he was accused of his sexual misconduct towards the female employees of his company. On Twitter, it is stated that Oke was called to make the work environment toxic and sullied. In the last few days, the former and the current employees of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica have come closer on social media with various incidents of misogynistic, demoralizing, and acutely problematic experiences at the time when dealing with Oke. He is not the right man for the office and should move away from the position and save things from becoming complicated.

Misconduct of Abiola

In recent times a black woman has created an aggregate supporting the anecdotes mentioned in the letter. This called for the resignation of Abiola Oke due to the lack of support and resources at the place. He paid below-market salaries to the women and did not give the right leadership as expected from him. He is believed to have targeted and sabotaged the female workers, and he is even accused of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Misconduct on the Part of Abiola

Abiola was condemned for the verbal accuse and the use of slanders, and the women disliked him for his tyranny and misbehavior at the workplace. Abiola did not have the required empathy to deal with the respectful females. Oke was a great manipulator, and he was known to rationalize the poor through his unjust termination and unethical conduct at the workplace. He is known to be a Nigerian-American business person who received accuses of his sexual misconduct. An anonymous woman came forward to share her details regarding her experience with the former CEO, Abiola.

Statement Declared on Instagram

There was Yagazie Emezi, the photojournalist who attempted to share an employee’s account who did not want to disclose her identity. When Abiola was in authority, he gave the woman disrespectful sexual offers that made her feel ruthlessly uncomfortable. But, as she was a mere worker, she could not refuse the proposal in time and had to surrender herself sexually to Mr. Oke. She tried to stop him but in vain. In time the statement was shared by Questlove, who was the co-founder of the Indie Music Website. The statement was shared on Instagram with the least possible intervention.

Allegation of the Woman

Effectively, the company people have refused any connection to Abiola Oke. All people were pleased to accept the resignation of Abiola, and they did not want him to hold on to the position any longer. The allegations that came on the surface were taken seriously, and everyone stood by the brave woman who came forward to speak against Abiola. She said that the employees have to make the workplace free and fresh. The toxic environment within the company will affect the work culture in totality.

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