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Find Out What are The Top Three Jewelry Subscription Box Today

Statement pieces can be many things. It can be a luxury bag, a classic leather watch, or a brooch. But most of the time, a jewelry piece is what people consider a statement piece. That’s because these come in many different types, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets. You can choose from these options, and it can instantly make your overall look much better. So if you want to get the best pieces every month, then getting a jewelry subscribtion box is a good choice because you only need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Since the jewelry subscription box market is growing, and many companies are jumping into this type of service, searching for the right one can be challenging. So we give you three of the most used jewelry subscription boxes today. These have their own styles that might suit your preference. Not only that, but these companies can help you achieve the look you’re looking for in the modern world.

Emma & Chloe

One of the top choices today when it comes to elegance and class is a bold piece of jewelry made out of gold and silver. And one of the best is Emma & Chloe, which will send you a single piece of jewelry from Parisian brand Atelier. These pieces can make any of your outfits exude elegance. However, one of the main things that make them stand out is their jewelry boxes in signature designs. The packaging alone is pleasing, which you can use to save your jewelry. Plus, you receive a monthly booklet of their new pieces you can choose from.


PuraVida is an eco-friendly and sustainable kind of everyday accessory you can wear. The overall quality is high-quality since these are bracelets made out of beads that come in a variety of colors. In addition, the bracelets are covered in mineral wax, which means they are a hundred percent waterproof. Plus, you can easily adjust your bracelets to any size. All of these are eco-friendly, even the charms. Even though they’re not fine jewelry, they are unique and can make you stand out among the crowd. And the company partners with over 800 artisans and works with 200 charities to promote employment and eco-friendly living.

Jewelry Box by Silver and Gold

  Jewelry Box by Silver and Gold is a small jewelry company that’s well-known on Etsy. They provide curated fine jewelry pieces that will suit almost any fashion style and sense. Aside from their excellent reputation, their prices are very affordable. One of their subscriptions is $35 per month, where they ship two to three pieces that include a zinger ring to ensure you get the right fit. The best part is you can cancel your subscription anytime you want via email. They base entirely on your size, and you can’t handpick what you want. And that’s the beauty of this fantastic company.

The Bottomline

If you want to receive curated jewelry pieces according to your style, then the best option is Jewelry Box by Silver and Gold. If you want something more casual and perfect for everyday wear and eco-friendly, PuraVida is also a decent choice. But for more elegant wear, Emma & Chloe is another excellent option. Overall, these three companies are at the top when it comes to quality and service. For more information, check out https://huweisalon.com/affordable-jewelry-boxes-to-consider/

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