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Getting The Best Price Possible When Shopping For Silver Jewellery In Thailand

Thailand is a country that is famous for its beautiful tropical beaches, delicious food, and warm and friendly people. However, it is also an excellent destination for shopping, including shopping for silver jewellery. One of the reasons it is so good for silver jewellery shopping is that Bangkok is a global trading hub of finished jewellery, so many options are available. Whether you want to buy silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, or silver earrings, wholesale prices are possible if you know what you are doing.

Know What You Want To Buy Before Shopping

It can help you immensely when you know what you want before you go shopping, and it will help prevent you from falling into rabbit holes and getting lost in your search. Consider the type of jewellery you want to buy and the style and have an idea of the price you want to pay. It is also an excellent idea to set yourself a budget and try and ensure you do not overspend and exceed the budget you set.

Avoid The Big Shopping Malls

When you are ready to start shopping for your silver jewellery, you will want to try and avoid the large shopping malls, as these are often much more expensive. There are many independent jewellery stores you can visit, and it is also worth going to one of the many markets in Bangkok where you can pick up some fantastic bargains. Once you have found what you want to buy, you will need to turn your attention to saving money.

Negotiating The Price Of Your Jewellery

One of the best things about shopping in Bangkok is that you can haggle on what you want to buy and try and get a better price. There are places where haggling is not acceptable, but if you are purchasing multiple jewellery items, you are well within your rights to barter for a better deal. Always let the vendor make the first move on price, and never counter with an offer that is too low, as you may offend them.

However, you can also make a saving on the VAT on your purchase, so you may not want to push the price down too low, as everyone needs to earn a living. Take your passport with you when shopping, and if the store you are buying from is a member of the VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, they can sell the goods without VAT. If they are not a member, you can claim the VAT back at the airport before leaving the country if you have been in Thailand for less than three months.

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