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How to Know If an Online Jewellery Seller Is Legit

Do you love browsing through online shops? Come on! There’s no point denying. The temptation is quite irresistible as most of the products you see are perfect from every angle. You’re not alone enduring the excruciating pull to purchase the merchandise.

One of the most pleasing and eye-catching products sold online is jewellery. It shines and glitters like beautiful stars in the night. You cannot help but fantasise about how the jewellery will look on you, how it’ll improve your entire wardrobe, or how it’ll enhance your favourite features.

But, before you go crazy adding tons of dazzling earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets to your cart, you need to pause for a bit. With all the threat of online scams, how would you know if the online jewelry sellers you’re checking out are legit? How can you protect your hard-earned money and yourself?

Here are the ways to know if the online seller is legit.

#1 Check If They’re Registered

You need to check if the seller’s business or company is legally registered to operate in Australia.

Did you know that all companies operating in Australia have to be registered members of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or ASIC? The ASIC website offers an easy and hassle-free way for you to search any company for free.

Businesses are usually sole sellers or partnerships and are required to register within their respective states and territories. You will find if they are certified through the ASIC’s site or the ABN Lookup Website by the Australian Government.

#2 Ask If They Have A Licence Or Permit

When you get a hold of the seller, make sure to ask if they have the permit or licence to trade. It’s a manner of ensuring the encouragement of consumer and seller confidence. If they decline for any reason, then it might be best to seek another trader.

#3 Check Out Their Page Or Websites!

In this age of technology, you can check out the seller’s business page or website. In most cases, previous and recent customers share their trading experiences with the seller. Here, you’ll get a better idea if the seller is indeed a reliable individual when it comes to business transactions.

#4 Referrals Are The Key!

Now, it’s perfectly normal to become hesitant even after you’ve checked or had a conversation with the seller. What’s another way to know if the transactions are legit and not a scam? Seek referrals, opinions or recommendations. Who would these referrals be? They can be your family, close friends, neighbours and even colleagues.

Don’t be swayed by beautiful pictures of jewellery. Exercising your rights as a consumer is always the best way to protect yourself and assets.

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